The choir receives a number of bookings each year to perform at weddings and other special ceremonies, such as anniversaries and funerals, etc. VMC’s unrivaled and reputable performances have placed them in a position of demand whereby their clientele are often of a prestigious and high profile nature.

The exclusive performances they provide are with soulful tones and deep yet uplifting lyrics delivered with emotions, passion and realness. This is the key to their attraction and constant demand for such grand and momentous occasions.

VMC performed at the most publicized wedding of top TV sports presenter Gabby Yorath and rugby hero Kenny Logan, also Chelsea football star Ashley Cole and Girls Aloud popstar Cheryl Tweedy.

VMC’s diversity, abilities and sounds enables them to perform to tailor made requirements as well as using their own creative innovation to perform. VMC perform all types of traditional songs and hymns, as well as all the popular contemporary gospel songs and is also open to special requests.

VMC delivers quality performances each time they perform, leaving not only the celebrants feeling extra special, but also leaving a lasting impact on the elated guests, making a definite occasion to keep in the memory book.

Weddings and Special Ceremonies
We have a range of packages to suit. And if you’re looking for something bespoke, we can tailor the perfect solution for your special day. We like to custom design the music packages that we offer to meet your needs and fit into your perfect day, Whether a Church or Civil ceremony, we can come to your wedding service or your wedding reception – or why not both?
  • Gospel singing to greet your guests at the reception
  • Love songs to enhance the wedding service
  • A Choir to entertain the guests while the photographs are being taken
  • Singers to lead the congregational hymns at the church
  • Ask VMC to learn and sing your special song
  • If you have a special request feel free to ask us
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