VMC’s is one of England’s finest gospel choirs and have ministered all over the UK and Europe at various church conferences, concerts and special services at leading churches such as KICC, Ruach Ministries and well renowned Evangelist Morris Cerello’s conference in Earls Court amongst others.

VMC’s unique ministry has been described as life changing, uplifting and dynamic and have brought with them their different styles of praise and worship, and above all a different kind of anointing that demonstrates the richness and variety within this powerful choir.

Whatever the requirement, VMC brings life and encouragement to all who hears them.

Weddings and Special Ceremonies
We have a range of packages to suit. And if youre looking for something bespoke, we can tailor the perfect solution for your special day. We like to custom design the music packages that we offer to meet your needs and fit into your perfect day, Whether a Church or Civil ceremony, we can come to your wedding service or your wedding reception or why not both?
  • Gospel singing to greet your guests at the reception
  • Love songs to enhance the wedding service
  • A Choir to entertain the guests while the photographs are being taken
  • Singers to lead the congregational hymns at the church
  • AskVMC to learn and sing your special song
  • If you have a specialrequest feel free to askus
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