Another area of expertise that VMC are involved with is in providing vocal and choir workshops for all kinds of people at different levels of experience, VMC is able to use its wide range of resources and detailed knowledge in gospel music.

Learn to sing gospel music in a lively and exciting atmosphere, music teachers from VMC will teach you:-

  • The history of gospel music
  • Vocal dynamics, breathing and microphone technique
  • Vocal blend and harmonising
  • Choir movements / choreography
  • Performance Tips plus much more.

We provide workshops for all community groups, churches and youth groups.

Weddings and Special Ceremonies
We have a range of packages to suit. And if you’re looking for something bespoke, we can tailor the perfect solution for your special day. We like to custom design the music packages that we offer to meet your needs and fit into your perfect day, Whether a Church or Civil ceremony, we can come to your wedding service or your wedding reception – or why not both?
  • Gospel singing to greet your guests at the reception
  • Love songs to enhance the wedding service
  • A Choir to entertain the guests while the photographs are being taken
  • Singers to lead the congregational hymns at the church
  • Ask VMC to learn and sing your special song
  • If you have a special request feel free to ask us
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